I'm a girl who loves everything to do with The Office (US), Modern Family, Parks and Recreation, The Mindy Project, and much more.

to be honest, Andy was never my favorite character - I actually found him really frustrating at first. Then, as the seasons went by, the writers managed to do the impossible - make me love Andy! His annoying traits became endearing, and as they developed his family background and cute relationship with Erin he really grew on me. Even his treatment of Nellie and how he hired her back when she played the “bard card” quoting Shakespeare made me absolutely adore his newly reformed and rather likeable personality. And then… this season happened. I respect the writers so incomprehensibly much, but I don’t understand why they are reverting his personality all the way back to his first few seasons. Rather then screwing with him and his relationship with Erin, they could have created storylines that enabled for further character progression. 

The actors are doing the best they can with the material given - i’m simply hoping that the writers eventually make me love andy again